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Katy House is a Bed & Breakfast placed in a strategic position in the hilly area of Marone (Pregasso) Lake Iseo, Brescia, ideal for tourism as well as for business travelers.

We have single and double rooms with modest finish, housings and special solutions for groups and organized groups, breakfast and customized solutions for any special needs.

Looking for a room for the night and do not want to stay in an expensive hotel? Do you want a comfortable Bed & Breakfast in a hillside overlooking Lake?

Katy House is the name that's right for you, with single and double rooms, two bathrooms, kitchen and TV. Situate in the hilly of Marone (Pregasso), our rooms are the ideal starting point for exploring the city and the surrounding area or service suitable for anyone on a business trip and you want a different slot and freer than the usual hotels.

We will offer a full package of excursions and outings as well as a complete schedule of the main events of Lago d 'Iseo and the Franciacorta.

Contact us by E-Mail
g.guerini @ or Phone: (0039) 3481625086 you will find a receptionist who will answer your questions and be ready to accept your booking for short or long periods.

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